Can hair loss impact your career?

Many factors affect whether a person gets hired, how much a person gets paid, and how far they will advance in their careers. US News asserts that body decoration such as facial tattoos and septum piercing can be a roadblock to that second interview. CNN reported in 2015 that women still make 78 cents to the dollar that men earn for the same work. Short men do not advance as far in their careers as their taller counterparts, finds the Washington Post.

But can hair loss impact your career? If you are a man suffering hair loss, take heart. Recent research from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School found that baldness can actually be a business advantage. The study was published in the peer-reviewed journal Social Psychological and Personality Science and published in the Wall Street Journal.

Men who had shaved heads were perceived to be more “dominant” than men with full or thinning hair. The underlying psychological reasons for this were not explored in the article, but pondering that myself I was left to wonder if it was because it takes a lot of confidence to sport a shaved head, so that greater self-confidence is perceived. Related to that theory is this: embracing a look that goes against the norms of a society that places a lot of emphasis on youth and beauty may be bracingly refreshing, and set you apart.

In the same study men with thinning hair were found to be “the least attractive and powerful.” This would suggest it’s either time to get out the clippers, or get a hair transplant.

Some men with thinning hair begin shaving their hair at a relatively young age. Depending on the shape of your head and face, this can be an attractive and powerful look—think Jason Statham, Michael Jordan, The Rock and Patrick Stewart. Not every guy has to look like Fabio to get that promotion—or a sexy date.

On the other hand, some men just aren’t comfortable (or maybe filled with dread) at the thought of shaving off the hair—precious and few—on their head. Fortunately there are great options available to help you save the hair you have. And of course a hair transplant can deliver a permanent, undetectable, natural head of hair to the vast majority of hair loss sufferers.